Develop and position your message

We specialize in the complex: complicated and dense subject matter from influential clients.

We know how to develop and construct your message and translate it to the journalists and people you want to reach.

Much is made of the 24-hour news cycle and our reality as driven by the media, traditional and social. Little is mentioned of what is lost from simplification.

The goals and objectives of our partners often live between the lines. We won’t let you get lost from over-simplification.

We listen, we engage and respond, we think strategically and we move quickly.

We can help you with your media plans big and small — whether you are a non-profit formulating and sharpening your ideas or a well-established organization searching for a new way to communicate.

Complexity to Clarity

You know what you want to say, but it may be too complicated for others to understand. We help big idea people articulate their objectives so they are clear and concise for journalists and thought leaders.

Broadcast, Webcast and Event Planning

We partner with a top creative production agency in London and collaborate with a wide array of professionals around the world. Our capacity includes writers, photographers, video producers, videographers, lighting and sound technicians, special events and logistics producers, activists, campaigners, lawyers, and data analysts. Our reach extends throughout Europe, Africa, the Persian Gulf, Asia and Australia.

Public Affairs: Building Relationships

We observe. We ask questions. We assess.
We help our partners determine how to present their message, and themselves.
We reach the opinion leaders, the decision makers, the people that matter to you.
We don’t waste their time and we won’t waste your time.

Expertise with worldwide media

Journalists around the world recognize that we are experts in our discipline, and we work with the experts they need to access.

We know global media and we know what they need. Our contacts extend throughout the US and UK and we are equally comfortable with English-language journalists in Europe, the Middle East and Persian Gulf, Asia, Africa and Latin America. For the foreign press, our network of colleagues worldwide can translate your material into all major languages.

We are organized, precise, we follow through and we get results.